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My husband pulled over and dropped me off at the entrance to our parking garage. We had our seven-month-old cat, Moonlight Graham with us, and giving him a chance to walk outside on his leash before I went back inside to work seemed a good idea.

Except it didn’t turn out to be.

Or did it?

As I was clipping the leash to his harness, the apartment’s contracted garbage truck turned in behind us, and couldn’t get past. I hurriedly placed Moonlight on the sidewalk and shut the door.

Our little boy, suddenly thrust outside next to an obnoxiously loud…

Problem Solving

She’s the biggest problem solver I know

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Sitting at my desk I opened up my work email. I read, “My father passed suddenly. I never got to say good-bye. Can I have the next available consultation with Rosemary?”

I went on to the next one:

“Would Rosemary consider being on my podcast?”

“Could she speak to my group?”

“Please send healing to my mother-in-law who suffered a stroke last night.”

“Would Rosemary consider teaching a writing class?”

“I need some direction, I’m feeling a bit stuck.”

“I have two special needs children and I need help.”

“Are there any tickets left for her webinar?”

“When is the…


Life lessons learned in a weekend.

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I was a ten-year-old Junior Girl Scout. It was one of my first trips away from home without my parents or siblings, and we had arrived at our campsite.

For weeks we had been preparing for the trip learning about fire safety, the buddy system, layering clothing, and how to pack using your sleeping bag. We’d planned out meals and learned about leaving no trace. …


Everywhere a sign

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I was checking video analytics on YouTube this morning and noticed revenue in the amount of $11.28. That intrigued me because my birthday is 11/28. Suddenly, I felt directed to look up at the clock and it was 11:28 a.m.


“See what you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you? Are you the kind that sees signs, that sees miracles? Or do you believe that people just get lucky?” ~ From the movie, Signs

Rosemary Altea spoke on her YouTube channel recently about signs our loved ones in the spirit world leave us if we…


We are looking for what makes us comfortable

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“Why are you eating that?” I asked.

“What do you mean? You bought it.”

A seemingly simple question evolved from there.

There was commentary which was really a judgment on my part that the thing he chose to eat wasn’t appropriate.

He took it as criticism.

Women — if you are not familiar with Tony Robbins, begin googling him now. Tony Robbins tells us the three patterns he recognizes in all troubled relationships with men, “The Three C’s,” are something you will find invaluable in your relationship. …


When the student is ready the teacher appears

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I stayed up late. Very late. 3:30 AM late. I had taken an unintended nap when I was meditating, so I wasn’t tired, and to be honest, I never looked at the clock.

Sleep came easy.

I awoke to the pounce of two kitten paws on my forearm. Tiny paws, pink and white with a shade of graham cracker stood fixed on my forearm. I opened my eyes and saw Moonlight Graham’s stunning baby blue eyes looking down at me.

I smiled.

There is no more perfect way to wake up than staring into the eyes of innocence. Hey, get…

Self Help

To know who you really are

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It’s all over social media. “2020 was a terrible year. It sucked. So much loss. So much waste. So much fear. So much change. So much turmoil.”

While no one likes tragedy, chaos, or uncertainty, each of these teaches us a lot about ourselves if we choose to pay attention.

A couple of years ago I wrote an article that showcased the effects of our choices, and our perceptions on our lives.

Focus on what you care about and your future because everything else is a distraction.

Susan Brearley’s, Serendipity Saturday touched me. She shared her feelings about her Grandmother and the woman’s ability to hold space for her and help her know, “without a…


Messages from beyond.

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It was 2015, the year following the death of our Aunt Maria. Uncle Dan had taken a spill going into the Y and broke his knee. He had been in and out of a convalescent center, and using stairs was out of the question.

Uncle Dan’s wife’s family decided for his safety to move him to an assisted living facility. During one visit, we took him back to his house to gather his precious books, some clothing, and anything else he deemed significant, knowing the rest would be dealt with.

It was a sad visit, a bittersweet visit but a…


Not all of us need to be in the limelight to make a difference

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As I sat under the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights, the nativity beckoned me to come and take a look. A warm feeling drew me in and enfolded its comfort around my heart.

I went to view the figurines I set out every year and thought about the pivotal woman front and center who captured our hearts thousands of years ago.

The biblical story of impregnation by angels, facing a betrothed who had every right to have her stoned due to the bulging proof of her infidelity, traveling by foot and donkey on orders of a King while…


Follow the thread

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The beginning

When we wake, we all do similar things. We use the bathroom. Perhaps we take a shower, brush our teeth, eat our breakfast. We put on our shoes, and we go about our day on tasks we have given ourselves. Everything we do is self-centered, pertaining to our needs.

As children, we start in life, generally thinking of ourselves as autonomous; one. Me. I.

But then there comes the point where we look to assist another. It might be our children, our parents or grandparents, or a sibling. …

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